Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Frozen in Time

Oysterville is a small town north of Long Beach, WA that is so magically frozen in time it is astounding.  Each house has a plaque with the year it was built and if you pick up the walking tour pamphlet you even get a little story about each one (including how one man continued to build his house for his future bride even though she ditched him before the wedding).  You can read through the stories here.

I was introduced to this lovely slice of the past when I visited with my friend Haley and her family.  We enjoyed a delicious picnic of fresh grapes, brie, and baguette (and even some sparkling water in plastic wine glasses) in this beautiful setting.

We even spied on what we hoped was a rehearsal dinner, we definitely considered crashing the elegant party but resisted the temptation.  However, Haley's mom pointed out that we should simply pick up  the guy who had told us we were "looking good" earlier so that we could be his plus one (or three?). All photos: Thanks Haley!

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