Monday, June 13, 2011

Hi, my name is Allison, and I have a Pyrex problem

It all started last summer when I began frequenting thrift stores in search of house-ware goods to stock my college house.  One day, I realized all that cute bakeware that was sold at the antique mall was at goodwill at a much lower price.  I did a little research, and the Pyrex obsession was solidified.  At first I couldn't pass up a single piece of decent condition Pyrex, it didn't matter if I already had the same size casserole dish, I just couldn't let it stay in the store.  Mommy didn't help, in fact my friends called her the 'Pyrex pusher'.  She would help me rationalize my purchases, saying 'it's not like it's expensive', 'you'll have it forever' and 'you can store it here' (I think that means she will use it until I want it back).  Actually, much of my love of vintage goods comes from my moms, who dragged me to countless antique stores as a child, including the one where I eventually worked.

By the end of the summer I began to realize the impracticality of ten casserole dishes and slowed my acquisition to items that I didn't already have a similar dish, had a lid (if it originally had one) and were in nearly mint condition.  Yet, as summer rolls around and I will be residing in Portland again, far too near to the bins, I fear that I might have a relapse.  Maybe I will just restrict myself to absolutely amazing items, or maybe only rectangular ones, since those seem to be the most practical.  Until it all plays out, here are a few of my favorites in my stash and a few I hope to eventually find (see after the jump).


Love this spirograph promo casserole! Love my mom for finding it for me!

I just love the salt and pepper shakers, they remind me of beakers!

I love this "Designs" pattern, kind of art deco
9X13 Oblong Open Baker in "Friendship"

I think I might need to attend a Pyrex Lovers Anonymous meeting...


  1. Hi, my name is Emily, and I have a Pyrex problem too. I love the 'space saver' in your first photo!

  2. My name is Sharon, and I definitely have a Pyrex problem.......more like an addiction! There really should be a 12-step Pyrex program, lol!! That Friendship open baker is on my wish list too!! Love your blog!

  3. Want to go shopping for me? Those pieces are adorable! I only go thrifting for clothes, but I definitely need to start looking at the kitchenware. Thanks for sharing these!

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  4. I love this piece so much. It's beautiful! P.S. I have a pyrex problem too!

  5. my name is ashley and i have a pyrex problem too lol! i love the friendship series...i just don't have any for my collection either.

  6. Ali, I think there is a 12-step program for this. :) xoxo "aunt" tammy :)