Sunday, January 22, 2012

Lichen: Fiat 500

 Fiat 500 Jolly Ghia.  Image Credit: Oh Happy Day!

As a mechanical engineering student it seems my classmates talk about cars a lot, and more specifically they talk about the show Top Gear.  As a disclaimer, I am not a car person. I drive a sand colored sedan more fitted for a grandma than a twenty something. Yet, I want to fit in, so sometime over the summer I caught an episode of Top Gear and to my surprise it isn't all about cars. I mean it is, but the hosts are likely the funniest group on television. Before I knew it I was watching reruns of Top Gear daily. In one of these daily guilty pleasures, James (the nerdiest of the three hosts) reviewed the remake of the Fiat 500, and I instantly fell in love. So when I saw this version of the original over on Oh Happy Day! I nearly died. I mean come on, wicker seats? Definitely my ideal car.

New Fiat 500 next to the original. Image credit: Fiat